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Texas Emergency Services PAC Endorses Dr. Harold Ramm for State Senate, District 5

“The Texas Emergency Services PAC enthusiastically endorses Dr. Harold Ramm in his election bid for State Senate District 5,” said Bill Gardner, Chairman of TESPAC. District 5 represents Brazos, Freestone, Grimes, Leon, Limestone, Madison, Milam, Robertson, Walker and Williamson Counties.

“For 36 years as the Superintendent of various school districts, I fully understand the value of our local public safety responders in providing safe schools and communities. Many of these firefighters and EMS responders are volunteers who risk their own safety to protect others. I am strongly committed to working with the State Firemen’s & Fire Marshals’ Association in providing training opportunities, equipment resources and support of all our volunteers in the areas of Texas that cannot afford full-time first responders,” said Dr. Ramm. 

For more information on Dr. Ramm’s campaign, please visit www.drharoldramm.com

The Texas Emergency Services Political Action Committee (TESPAC) provides a political voice for the thousands of emergency services personnel who serve our state. TESPAC’s purpose is to support legislators and candidates for public office who understand the importance of promoting and protecting individuals who serve as volunteer firefighters, on EMS squads and industrial fire brigades. 

TESPAC is administered by the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association. The SFFMA is one of the largest trade associations in Texas. The 142-year-old organization is the oldest and the largest fire and EMS service association in the state. Membership includes 1200 fire, EMS and International departments, 22,000+ individual members, and 80 industrial fire brigades. The cornerstone of the organization is the Certification Program for firefighters, which encourages training, education, and certification for all emergency responders. The SFFMA founded and now supports and sponsors the world's largest fire training school, at Texas A&M University, providing instructors and professional service on the TEEX Fire School's Advisory Board.

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Leander Professional Firefighters                           21st February 2018
For Responsible Government
IAFF Local 4298 PAC

RE: Dr. Harold Ramm, Ed.D, Candidate for Texas State Senate, District 5

Fellow Voters:  

We are proud and excited to announce our official support for Dr. Harold Ramm in his run for Texas State Senate, District 5. Dr. Ramm is a veteran, a Master Mason and a retired school superintendent. With this experience, he truly understands the importance of taking care of the people that work hard in our communities. He is a strong supporter of the public service retirement systems around Texas, as well as the teacher’s retirement plan. With experience as a superintendent, he has experience working with public budgets. He is fiscally conservative and believes that spending should be focused, instead of frivolous.

We firmly believe that Dr. Ramm will work hard to ensure Texas becomes a better place to live and work. To use his own words, “I have served my country and the communities I have lived in. I stand for the pledge, defend the 2nd Amendment, and protect the right to life from the unborn to the elderly.”

With kindest regards,

Dan Kramer
PAC Treasurer


Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas



Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas PAC gives their endorsement for Dr. Harold Ramm's race for Senate District 5.



February 20, 2018

I am writing this letter to endorse Dr. Harold Ramm for the Texas Senate, District 5, in the upcoming Republican primary election.  I worked with Dr. Ramm, both as a citizen serving on Groesbeck ISD committees and prior to my retirement in my official capacity of Director of Special Education for Region 12 Education Service Center in Waco.  No one devotes his life to education if he does not have a heart for children—all children.  Dr. Ramm was specifically intent on making sure children who were at risk or with special needs received the care and services they needed.  Dr. Ramm and I had many lengthy conversations concerning the appropriateness of services being provided to this group of children.  Uppermost was his desire to educate children with disabilities in an environment which provided academic and social stimulation while meeting their needs for specialized instruction and supports.  I urge voters to elect this honorable man and let him work for the children in District 5.

Sharon Fredriksson, M.Ed.
Director of Special Education, Retired
Region 12 Education Service Center


February 2018

To My Public Safety Friends in Williamson County, 

To those of you who I have not personally met, my name is Les Bunte and I have served in the Texas fire service for over 40 years with the majority of my career providing fire protection services to Williamson County citizens.  As Fire Chief of the Georgetown Fire Department from 1977 to 1994, I was very engaged with the Williamson County Fire Chiefs Association.  After being promoted to Assistant Fire Chief of the Austin Fire Department in 1994 until I retired in 2002, I was still involved in providing public safety to the citizens of Austin who were within the boundaries of Williamson County.  In 2003 I began my service on the state level by being selected as the Chief of the Fire School at Texas A&M University and served over 8 years in that capacity.  In 2006 I was appointed by Governor Perry to the Texas Commission on Fire Protection a position I held until 2012. Throughout this public safety career, I became keenly aware of the importance of the electoral process and how it impacts the fire service at all levels of government which is the precise reason for my message to you.

I strongly and respectfully ask for your support and vote for Dr. Harold Ramm in the upcoming Republican Primary Election for the Texas State Senate – District 5 race.  I have known Dr. Ramm for over 50 years who has had an outstanding career in the field of education by serving as Superintendent in various Independent School Districts across Texas.  He is a man of great character, integrity, wisdom, a deep demeanor of listening and a willingness to serve others.  Perhaps the reason I know him more so than others is that he is a member of my family.  He was married to my sister for 37 years until her death several years ago.  To me and my family, he is not a “brother in law”, rather to us he is a “Brother by Choice”Without any reservations, I can personally promise you he will be a great ally and friend of the Williamson County public safety servants!   

Also, I encourage you to share this communication with all of your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and other interested parties who reside and vote in Williamson County. If you have any questions for Dr. Ramm or of myself please do not hesitate to call/text me at 979-324-1455 or by email at lesbunte@aol.com.  But first, he needs to get elected.  Please learn for yourself of what he stands for in the attached letter from Dr. Ramm and by visiting his website at drharoldramm.com




Texas Parent PAC

Texas Parent PAC Announces Its Endorsed Candidates for the 2018 Primary Election and Dr. Harold Ramm for Senate District 5 is one of the candidates the Texas Parent PAC endorsed.

Visit the Texas Parent PAC website


Early on as a Georgetown ISD trustee, I soon realized that the challenges delivered by the state legislature can outweigh the internal challenges a school board faces.

Here are some facts to consider as the primary voting starts on February 20th.


  1. Nearly all races are decided in the Republican primaries instead of the general election.
  2. Georgetown supports public education and has stepped forward for their students.  In the face of state funding cuts, GISD voters approved a 2012 $0.04 TRE and GISD voters approved two school bond elections in 2010 and 2015.
  3. The 2017-2018 GISD annual budget has local property taxes covering ~97% of the total and it is my understanding that next year GISD property taxes going to the state will exceed what the state will deliver to GISD.
  4. Over $2.5B in state personal property taxes taken in recapture are used to lower franchise taxes instead of going back to other ISD’s
  5. These words are found in the state constitution:   “The permanent school fund and the available school fund may not be appropriated to or used for the support of any sectarian school.” Texas Const. Art.VII, § 5(c).
  6. Teachers and retired teachers medical insurance and therefore expenses have drastically increased from the last session just completed.
  7. Senator Schwertner is on the senate finance committee, proudly states he is endorsed by Empower Texans and Dan Patrick, co-authored a voucher bill, and supports school taxes going to support private institutions.

Opinion:  Empower Texans and other far-right groups have misused the definition of conservative with rhetoric and lots of campaign dollars.  It’s time to stop the name calling and intimidating rhetoric.

Dr. Harold Ramm and Scott Milder at their own personal expense, have stepped forward to run against Senator Schwertner and Dan Patrick.  They are good and honest men, wanting to represent the people.  It can be compared to David versus Goliath, but they did it because someone needed to stand up and do what is right for Texas property owners and Texas Public School students.

Free schools are guaranteed by our state constitution.  All of us who own property pitch in for every child’s education.  Allowing the school privatization lobby and their interests to get taxes to personally use would dilute the funding that all property owners provide.  Misuse of voucher funds in other states is common.  It is not conservative for hard-earned property taxes to go to reducing state franchise taxes and have state tax dollars support any “school” program any parent wishes to use as the burden of the property owner covering public education has greatly increased over the years.  This fails Macroeconomics 101. 

Also at stake is allowing the leadership of powerful oil families rule with their campaign dollars.  Please join me in voting for Dr. Harold Ramm for Senate district 5 and Scott Milder for Lt. Gov. and do what is right for our children, Texas, and our property taxes.

Fred Barhydt


I have known Dr. Harold Ramm for over 34 years.  He was the Superintendent in three different school district in which I served as either teacher, counselor and/or principal. I taught or was the campus principal for all three of his children, and at one time his wife was a teacher on the campus where I was principal.  I also served as Superintendent in his hometown at which time I got to know his parents and many of the folks with whom he grew up.  Everywhere I have encountered folks who knew or worked with Dr. Ramm, I found him to hold high esteem among them.

I can personally speak to Dr. Ramm’s integrity, work ethic, honesty, loyalty, leadership ability and his ability to get things done.  I found him to be frugal in all his financial dealings, but yet he was willing to spend money when he could be shown that doing so would have a long-term benefit on the students we served.  I know him to be a true conservative and a man whose life matches his talk.

While serving as Superintendent at Kerens ISD in Navarro County, I worked closely with several of the superintendents in Limestone, Freestone, and Leon counties.  I also served as Superintendent at Florence ISD in Williamson County, there working closely with the other school districts within the county and their administrators. I have friends and relatives in each of the counties served by the State Senator from District 5, and I encourage them all to support Dr. Harold Ramm in his bid for State Senator from District 5.

In closing, I will assure you that, if elected,  Dr. Harold Ramm will diligently look after the interest of Senate District 5 and its citizens, as well as the people of Texas.  He will work hard to fulfill any and all campaign promises and commitments that he makes.

Jesse Hawthorne

We are so proud of Dr. Ramm for “stepping up to the plate” to run for the Texas Senate!  Harold is a personal and professional friend.  He is honest, intelligent, loyal, dependable and trustworthy.  Dr. Ramm understands the current needs of public education more than any candidate!  We are honored to endorse and support Dr. Harold Ramm for Texas Senator, District 5!  If you want to see TRUE SUPPORT for the public schools of Texas and elect a man who will always put children first, then PLEASE endorse and vote for Dr. Ramm!!!


Shirley and Bill Richardson
Limestone County



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